GRE Test Prep

You’ve decided to apply to graduate school and you hope to get into the best program in your field. But then you remember the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). Although some universities have done away with the GRE requirement, it turns out that the schools you’ve identified still require it. It’s been years since you’ve taken this kind of exam. You need help!

Enter Raleigh Tutoring. Our experienced exam prep tutors--all of whom are skilled classroom teachers--have mastered both the content of the GRE and the strategies that can lead to top scores. Whether you need a one-hour tutoring session to reinforce the studying you’re doing on your own, or multiple sessions to ensure you maximize your chances of doing well, our tutors can help. They’ll customize instruction to meet your needs and score goals. Want virtual tutoring? We can do that, or you can meet in our Midtown Raleigh or a public location such as a library.
The cost is $75/hour.

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