Why Choose Raleigh Tutoring?

When your child is struggling in school, or needs help preparing for an important exam like the SAT or ACT, you want to help any way you can. That’s where Raleigh Tutoring comes in. We’re here to solve a variety of education-related issues, whether it’s difficulty reading, poor math ability, problems with study skills and organization, a home-school curriculum that needs support or the need to get a top score on the SAT or ACT.

How do we do it?

Raleigh Tutoring tutors are dedicated and talented. They are all experienced classroom teachers who are skilled in their subject areas and knowledgeable in curriculum goals and testing expectations. We don’t hire students, unlike many other tutoring programs. Additionally, most hold North Carolina certification, many have completed Master's degrees, lots have been recognized with peer awards such as Teacher of the Year, and several have earned National Board Certification, a designation signifying teaching excellence.
As a result, Raleigh Tutoring tutors excel at what they do. They know that every student is unique, so they tailor their lessons based on your child’s unique needs. Raleigh Tutoring tutors not only clearly explain subject matter, they also encourage, coach, challenge, and provide timely feedback to students and their parents.
When you entrust us with your child’s future, we’ll help him or her overcome obstacles and gain the self-confidence needed to succeed in school--and beyond.
One student at a time, we tailor instruction and programs to each student’s needs and abilities. Unlike other tutoring centers that claim success based on a proven “system,” Raleigh Tutoring doesn’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach to academic support or test preparation. We rely on our talented, experienced tutors--all of whom have classroom teaching experience--to decide on the best way to help each child attain his or her goals.
Parents are pulled in million directions, both figuratively and literally. Students have after-school activities, sports and even jobs. We know that finding the right time and the right place for tutoring can be a challenge. That’s why at Raleigh Tutoring, we offer several convenient options as well as flexible scheduling. You can choose to have tutoring in your home if that’s the most convenient option. Or you can come to our office in midtown Raleigh. Alternatively, if meeting your tutor at a public place such as a library is your preference, we can make that happen, too. And while many families schedule tutoring for right after school, our tutors also are available evenings and weekends to meet the needs of working parents or students with after-school commitments.
Former teacher Melissa Rich founded Raleigh Tutoring in 2006 because she wanted to serve the many parents who become frustrated when their children experience an academic challenge that their school just can’t handle. Melissa, a UNC-Chapel graduate and former N.C. Teaching Fellow, brings six years of classroom teaching and 10 additional years of tutoring and administration experience to the leadership of Raleigh Tutoring. Under her direction, Raleigh Tutoring has helped close to 2,000 students reach their goals.  As director of Raleigh Tutoring, Melissa values working with tutors who also believe in a caring, solutions-oriented approach to working with students.