Summer Tutoring

Ah, summer. Those lazy days at the beach, fun road trips to visit family, relaxing afternoons at the pool. But summer is also the perfect time for students to work on weak skill areas as well as sharpen already mastered skills. With roughly 10 weeks between the end of one school year and the start of another, there’s plenty of time for kids to stay engaged academically while still having fun.

Raleigh Tutoring can design a personalized program for your child that is built around his/her specific needs in any subject area – math, reading, science, Spanish – you name it. Our mission is to provide personalized instruction that helps students increase understanding of subject matter, acquire positive study habits, and boost self-esteem.

One-on-one tutoring can be easily and conveniently scheduled around summer camps and vacations. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Summer Camps

Summer day camps can be educational as well as fun. They’re a great way for students to pick up a new skill, polish an existing one, or prepare for the upcoming school year.

Raleigh Tutoring offers dozens of fun, enriching and educational camps. We’re excited to partner with local schools to provide camps for grades K-5. Taught by our excellent Raleigh Tutoring instructors, our camps are sure to provide both summer fun and opportunities to grow and learn.

See below for complete descriptions of all our camps, organized by week and grade level. Spots fill quickly!

2024 Camps Are Open for Registration!

Camps will be held in June and July at Camp Francis on the campus of the Catholic Community of St. Francis, 11401 Leesville Rd. Raleigh, NC 27613

Get more info or register for Camp Francis camps here.

Week by week schedule. (Note that camp descriptions are located below the schedule.)

Week of June 17-21

Math Magicians--1:00-4:00 Rising grades 2-4

Messy Science--1:00--4:00 Rising grades K-3

Let's Make a Splash--9:00-1:00 Rising grades K-2

Week of July 8-12 

Messy Science - 9:00-12:00--Rising grades K-3

Chemistry of Slime - 9:00-12:00-- Rising grades K-3

Modern Art - 1:00-4:00--Rising grades K--2

Week of July 15-19

Princess Camp - 9:00-12:00 - Rising grades K-2

Candy Chemistry - 9:00-12:00 - Rising grades 2-5

Origami for Future Engineers - 1:00-4:00--Rising grades 3-6

July 22 -26 

Messy Masterpieces - 9:00-12:00--Rising grades K-3

Trash to Trinkets - 9:00-12:00 --Rising grades 3-6

Science of Spa Day - 1:00-4:00--Rising grades 2-5

Camp Descriptions

  • Candy ChemistrySweet! Candy is fun AND smart. Campers will perform sweet science experiments and learn concepts such as why sugar crystallizes to make rock candy, the chemistry behind gummy bears, how molding chocolate candies demonstrates the phases of matter, and much more. On the last day of camp, children will present their unique candy creations, “market” them to fellow campers, and get to take home not only their own candy but a bag filled with treats made by others! Cost: $200.

  • Chemistry of Slime: Slime Science - make a different kind of slime every day and learn how it all comes together! Kids will learn about the scientific method and be introduced to concepts in chemistry while engaging in hands-on slime crafting. They’ll make notebooks of slime recipes and take home the slime that they make. We’ll talk about what ingredients alter what properties of the final slime, and let them get creative! Cost: $200.

  • Let's Make a Splash: In this camp, we will dive into some fun ocean animal themed books while incorporating fun hands-on art activities and science-related activities. Cost: $200.

  • Math MagiciansAbracadabra....amaze your friends, family, and teachers with your math knowledge and cool tricks. Let’s turn math into entertainment! Brush up on math concepts you have already studied throughout the year including addition, subtraction, measurement, time, and geometry. Dazzle the audience with mastered math skills as you prepare for math class next year. Campers will participate in fun activities that reinforce and review the concepts of addition, subtraction, measurement, time, and geometry. We will integrate technology and hands-on activities that actively engage learners and encourage collaboration with peers! Cost: $200.

  • Messy ScienceExplore science with hands-on activities. In this camp, kids will use their 5 senses to observe, ask questions, form hypotheses, and perform  experiments. The scientists will perform experiments on their own and record the results. They will be able to watch chemical reactions with volcanoes, lava lamps and bottle rockets. They will also explore the science behind slime, ooblek, and ice cream. Cost: $200.

  • Modern ArtA week full of activities inspired by some of the great artists of the 20th century. Kids will explore shapes and colors like Yayoi Kusama! They’ll learn to action paint like Jackson Pollock! We’ll talk about influential artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, and Georgia O’Keefe as we explore ways of expressing ourselves through abstract art projects. Cost: $200.

  • Origami for Future EngineersCampers will explore the world of paper folding and learn about physics and engineering in the process! Origami has been used to inform the design of many things, from bridges to satellites. Will include a lot of folding, group games and activities, and a daily paper airplane contest! Ideas explored include weight, tension, density, and the forces at play in scenarios including planes, boats, bridges, and towers (with the occasional mathematical shape thrown in for fun). Cost: $200.

  • Princess CampPrincess summer camp will be a magical camp with creations, crafts and special treatment for the little princess in you. Join this special princess experience. You will enjoy all the royal treatment of being a princess while making fun jewelry crafts, your own special tiara and so much more. Cost: $200.

  • Science of Spa DayCampers will make a custom spa package to take home at the end of the week. Each item in the package will have accompanying lessons on the science and history of the product. Campers will also be encouraged to be creative in designing their items’ labeling and packaging. The final box will include soap, candles, bath bombs, and other indulgent spa-related products. Cost: $200.

  • Trash to TrinketsCampers will explore the art of upcycling through a series of projects transforming what would otherwise be trash into something worth preserving! We will transform old bottle caps, soda can tabs, unrecyclable plastic, and other materials into fun fidget toys, keychains, jewelry, and other treasures! Cost: $200.