High School Academic Support

Every grade counts. That’s the message high school principals often deliver during freshman orientation. Students who could get away with cramming for tests or not turning in assignments in middle school quickly realize that poor study habits catch up with them the first few weeks of freshman year. If they’re also having trouble understanding the more demanding coursework typical of high school, they’ll be at a serious disadvantage unless they get help. 

Fortunately, Raleigh Tutoring has solutions. Whether your teen needs coaching on study skills or homework management, or academic tutoring in core subjects such as math, science, social studies, foreign language or English, our tutors have the skills and experience to make a difference. 

All of our tutors are experienced classroom teachers, and most have certification in the areas they tutor; many hold Master’s degrees as well. They’ll focus their instruction on the skills, concepts, or topics your child is struggling with most while affirming his or her areas of strength. Part trusted advisor, part cheerleader, Raleigh Tutoring tutors can help your struggling teen reverse course and set them up for success.