Raleigh Tutoring’s Policies & Procedures

Tutoring Sessions:


  1. Working with your child’s assigned tutor, please arrive at a mutually agreed upon day, time, and place for the tutoring sessions. You should communicate directly with the tutor regarding scheduling and other matters, but feel free to contact the office if you have general questions.
  2. If the student will be more than 15 minutes late for a session, call or text the tutor directly. Tutors are required to wait 15 minutes without notification of delay. Please note that no shows/late arrivals are charged at full fee.
  3. During in-home tutoring sessions, a parent must be present for the entire session.
  4. During office sessions, parents are free to wait in the waiting room or drop off and pick up. If you leave your child here, please be on time for pick-ups. Of course, older students will likely drive themselves to sessions.




  1. Please authorize your child’s teacher(s) to share information with the tutor if you desire this to happen.
  2. Your child’s tutor will periodically report to you on progress either in person at the end of a session or in email communication.
  3. Please share any concerns with the tutor directly or with the Director if they are not resolved.


General Cancellation Policies (See below for ACT and SAT Tutoring Policies and Procedures):


  1. Students are allowed up to two no-charge cancellations per school year for any reason. This includes cancellations for scheduling conflicts, emergencies, unexpected illness, or any other reason. Parents should call the tutor directly and give as much notice as possible. Tutors may try to reschedule sessions at another time during the week if schedules allow. Further cancellations after two will be charged. Cancellations will be noted on your end-of-the-month invoice.
  2. Same-day cancellations must be made by phone to your tutor’s cell phone.
  3. Tutors are also expected to have minimal cancellations. Tutors taking vacation will notify parents in advance.
  4. Please inform your tutor well in advance if school holidays or teacher workdays will necessitate the cancellation of a tutoring appointment. Many of our tutors are available to work over holiday breaks, so they will want to know your intentions.
  5. In the event of inclement weather, we will follow the lead of Wake County Public Schools on closings and delays. Please call your tutor directly if you have any doubts about your tutoring appointment.




  1. Parents are asked to provide a credit card number upon registration. Based on the time log your child’s tutor turns in on or before the first of the month, an invoice will be generated--typically the first week of the month--and your credit card will be charged. You will receive a receipt via email.
  2. If you prefer to pay by check or cash, payments for each session must be made in advance either in person or via mail. Our tutors can’t accept payment.
  3. There will be a $25 fee for returned checks.
  4. Individual tutoring is $55/hour in home or $50hour in office, virtual, or at a library. Individual tutoring for AP courses, college essay, and the SAT and ACT is $75/hour.


SAT/ACT Procedures:


  1. Students will be assigned a book to purchase and should bring the book to every session.
  2. The tutor will review any diagnostic materials that the student has available to guide the tutoring sessions. Raleigh Tutoring SAT and ACT instructors are certified and experienced; they will teach the basics while tailoring instruction to the needs of your teen.
  3. Best results are obtained with students who are highly motivated and who complete practice exercises outside of the tutoring sessions. Generally, an hour of outside work is needed for each hour of tutoring. Your tutor will assign specific exercises and encourage lots of practice!


SAT/ACT Cancellation Policies:


  1. Once sessions are scheduled with the tutor, they are considered firm commitments and will be billed accordingly. Although all scheduled sessions are billed for, an emergency may require that a student miss an appointment. In such cases, please give your tutor as much notice as possible. Sufficient notice may allow the session to be rescheduled if there is a mutually agreed upon time available within the same week. Sessions cancelled within three hours of the scheduled time are not rescheduled.
  2. Because your teen’s SAT or ACT tutoring program is designed in advance to meet your goals in an agreed-upon number of sessions, perfect attendance is very highly desired. Tutors are also expected to have perfect attendance except for rare cases of illness. In these cases, a well-qualified substitute will be provided or the session will be rescheduled.