Study Tips: The importance of time management

Study Tips: The importance of time management


By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Melissa Rich of Raleigh Tutoring is back one more time today with tips on how to help your kids develop study skills and strategies. The mom of two is a former teacher at Wakefield High School. For the past five years, she's run Raleigh Tutoring, offering tutoring and test prep services for kids from kindergarten to high school. 

Today, she talks about how to help your kids manage their time so they can get all their homework and studying done. The first task, Rich tells me, is to choose a good place to study and make sure a child has all the tools he needs. Then, he needs to put down his gadgets.

"No matter where your child studies, take away distractions such as TV, instant messaging, texting and Facebook," she says. For more tips from Rich, watch the video




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