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SAT Boot Camp

Saturday, October 27, 2018 @ 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
One-day prep class covering both math and reading/writing sections of the SAT. $150 including College Board SAT book.

The boot camp is designed primarily for students who haven’t taken the test before, except in its preliminary form (i.e., the PSAT or Pre-ACT), although it can be an effective refresher course for students who have experience with the exam but haven’t studied or had tutoring. During this six-hour class, held on Saturdays at the Wade Edwards Learning Lab (WELL) in Raleigh, students will learn what to expect on both the reading/writing and math sections of the test. They'll explore question types and traps, review content that will be tested, and be introduced to time management strategies that work. Students will try their hand at practice problems and questions to get an idea of where they stand and what they might need to focus on to boost their scores. Boot camp instructors are experienced teachers who are certified by Raleigh Tutoring to teach and tutor both the SAT and ACT. Since there will be a 30-minute lunch break, students should bring lunch and a drink. As part of the $150, students will receive the official College Board study guide. 

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